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Archive for June, 2010

The Ancient Ayruvedic Tradition of the Neti!!!



I have been using a neti pot for several years now during times of cold, flu and allergy seasons.  In the last year I have heard from many friends who are swearing by the neti pot, its funny how often the conversation comes up.  These people are actually excited when they get to share with others about these neti pots!  

So last fall when I got a cold I started to get a sinus infection, which normally stays with me for a good couple of weeks at least.  Between using the neti pot morning and evening, and some colloidal silver nose spray, I beat the sinus infection in a matter of 2-3 days.  The nasal cleansing process has helped many allergy sufferers, some who used to have to snort water up their nose in the shower for relief!  Well maybe that was just me :)

Important to mention that these actually have an accumulated affect, so just using it one time may not exactly give you noticeable improvement.  As I understand it, there can be all kinds of pollens, mold, or other irritants that are trapped way back in the sinus cavities.  This process washes out the nasal areas, even around the sinus cavities of your eyes, and near the ears.  It can take several neti pot sessions to really get things cleansed out.

My Ayurvedic practitioner also shared with me an important fact that many people don’t know about.  If you do only use it for one session you sometimes can wash the irritants deeper into the sinuses and there they will sit.  Which by no means helps allergies or an infection.   This happens especially if you don’t hold your head at the right angle, so that water starts going down your throat (and into the deeper secondary sinus cavities).   So I recommend always doing a minimum of 2-3 days worth, at least twice a day.  ***Be sure to follow the included instructions on how to hold your head so that water flows through correctly.   

nasal cleanse. allergy relief. breathe easier.

A hygienic, non-porous, porcelain cup used for nasal and sinus rinse. Considered useful for individuals prone to nasal congestion.

Benefits of Nasal Rinse:

  • Removes mucus and pollution of the nasal passages and sinuses
  • Helps to prevent respiratory tract diseases
  • Daily use relieves allergies, colds and sinusitis
  • Cooling and soothing to the mind
  • Beneficial in the treatment of headaches and migraines
  • Alleviates anxiety, anger and depression
  • Removes drowsiness, making the head and sense organs feel light and smooth

Instructions for use included. 

If you have a personal neti pot testimonial please share below!!!

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