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Humble Bee Health

Archive for July, 2008

Are Your Vitamins Wasting Your $Money$?


Because our soil is so depleted our food has lost the essential nutrients we need to ward off disease.  Our economic centered agriculture system has let us down, led us to obesity and disease, and so we have reached the point where we must supplement our diets.  We won’t go into detail here of why you need supplements and vitamins.  This article is more centered on what to look for to obtain quality.  The question to ask yourself is “Am I buying the right vitamins?” If you are relying on value saver house brand grocery store pills, then you are completely wasting your money. If you are buying them from a store that ends in “mart” or a “warehouse club,” then you surely are wasting your money. Americans are now spending over $17 billion a year on supplements for health, but most all of it is garbage that your body can’t recognize or use.  These mass produced cheap supplements are designed for maximum shareholder profits by marketing you out of your hard earned money.



What makes some supplements ineffective?





Bioavailability is Key…

Whole foods are always better than refined, and whole food based vitamins are what you will need to search for. Unfortunately science has gotten a hold of nature in the supplement world and that isn’t always good. Drug manufacturers learned early that you can take an herb, plant, fungus, or whatever and isolate the active compound.  Then you can take that and condense it, make it more potent and there you have a prescription drug.  Later on they learned that to make the “real money” is to patent drugs, and to patent they needed to invent new man made versions of the old stuff that worked fine.  This wasn’t always good or in the people’s best interest.



Unfortunately the supplement industry thought they could also isolate and or synthesize nutrient components from food and herbs, thus “improving” on nature.  What they didn’t often times care to take into account is that nature is already frugal and efficient.  They didn’t realize things like enzymes or other accessory nutrients in the food needed to be there in order to assimilate the vitamin or nutrients in the body most effectively.  Or things like ratios of one nutrient needed to be balanced with others. Or they didn’t care too much that the heat or irradiation in processing depleted the nutrients, and the binders, fillers, coatings, and added chemicals to make the machines stamp tablets more smoothly w/ less jamming wasn’t what WE really wanted. We really didn’t want tablets that would pass through us and clog our wastewater facilities. There are also preservatives for extra long shelf life I am sure most of us would rather do with out.




“Every Ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic trace mineral deficiency”

- Linus Pauling (Two time winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine).





There are costs that can be cut by sourcing the minerals from cheaper inorganic sources like rocks rather than plants or from foods (The rock form is most often too large and impossible to actually utilize.) Because of their size these minerals are often rejected by the cell and then stored up were they can over accumulate and become toxic. We need trace minerals to help carry and deliver nutrition to our cells. These basic components are responsible for activating and catalyzing many different chemical processes within the body. Organic (carbon based) food based minerals are smaller and thus more bioavailable and play such a HUGE role in avoiding disease. They are a precursor to vitamins and nutrients. Everything in our body starts at the cellular level.  We are very electrical beings with all kinds of intracellular communication going on.  The minerals are like the avenues that allow things to get to work.






The bioavailability of many vitamins is very poor, which is why you see your pee change color.  They are not absorbed into the body so they go out as waste, and this is why many people don’t feel the effects of taking vitamins.  And there is the problem of cheap sourcing for things like vitamin A extracted from fermented beef livers.  One example of a common toxic base ingredient is coal tar (benzoapyrene).  Synthetic, isolated, and cheap vitamins can also be harmful to our bodies.  Improperly formulated or contaminated vitamins can cause imbalances and disturbances if taken at high amounts and for long periods of time. 



Almost all vitamins and supplements on the store shelves are now actually made in China, where quality control has been an issue mentioned in the media in recent years.  We wanted it cheap; we wanted it easy and became too far removed from nature.  We ended up with a disconnect from reality, like much of life in modern times.  But it has made many companies rich, and those companies like being in control of information, so the store shelves are still lined with their products.






A supplement manufacturer needs to have rigorous testing and quality controls in place.  They need to obtain ingredients from plant based sources and need to avoid heating (pasteurizing) the delicate nutrients.  The nutrients should be water soluble, biovailable, pesticide/herbicide free, and be produced in house, where they have the complete knowledge of what is going on in the chain.


Vitamin pills waste 80-90% of every dollar spent due to poor absorption.  Our recommended brand for nutritional support is the liquid nutraceutical called “Vibe” by Eniva. It has an incredibly high ORAC score for antioxidant protection, as well as the fast acting vitamins and minerals in their deliverable and useable form.  Their reputation has even landed them in the “Physicians Desk Reference” as a supplement of efficacy.



Eniva Vibe uses
No irradiation, or pasteurization
No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes
No GM ingredients, excitotoxins, No MSG
No unnatural preservatives or paraben ingredients.
No pesticides, meat products, transfats, or hydrogenated ingredients.


View more about the formulation and the opportunity here.
or contact us for more information. 




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