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Archive for October, 2007

Food + Poison ≠ Nutrition
Health can not begin in a toxic environment.


The task of collecting the knowledge and awareness, and then finding proper food choices during transition can be daunting.  Reading health books or browsing the internet can make your head spin, as there have been conflicting studies proven then disproven.  Eggs are good for you; wait, not really, oh now they are again.  People go back and forth a lot.  I could go further into detail of what is the most ideal diet or foods, but for most of us it wouldn’t stick or be applied very readily.  So I have decided to write about the food regiments that are less difficult and unmistakably healthy.  And you will also find some the basic foods you should just avoid all together.  The danger out there is the “Ocean of Processed Foods”; the challenge is to get back to the basics. 


Now for many people, being mindful of diet and foods has been based upon the old notions of how many carbs, calories, or fat does this food contain.  All the while believing that too many calories from one or more of these sources is the main problem with our country’s obesity epidemic.  This has been the primary focus but it leaves out the idea that toxins and other poisonous food additives / food processing need to be avoided.  Even food additives without loads of calories can cause the disharmony and unbalance that will make you gain weight in other ways.  Your body can have a hard time recognizing or processing the poisons and often they will need to be tucked away in your body’s storehouse of fat cells.  Your fat acts as a safety buffer and thus the more garbage or toxins, the more fat your body needs.


The old calorie based simplified rationale is outdated and leaves real health out of the equation (but of course leaves the profits in).  Example:  There are no studies out there that diet soda helps a person lose weight.  Because it has hardly any calories it should be fine?  No, and they are now saying that it can actually trigger cravings for more sweets.  Your body can be thrown out of balance with food that’s not from nature and even if it is low cal, you will fail at becoming healthy.  That’s not even addressing the amount of harmful preservatives in most sodas.  Margarine is another example of how we have been mislead, and decades later we are finally learning about hydrogenated and trans fats. 



As far as hunger goes your body will continually be hungry if it is not getting what it needs from the food you are eating.  There is a saying about our society that we are overfed and undernourished.  If you fill up on junk, your body will continually need more food or more junk.  If you fill up on pure and unprocessed foods, you will be full and satisfied, and keeping your ideal weight will not be the constant struggle.  There are good carbs (complex carbs) like fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  Bad carbs (or simple carbs) are white flour, white rice, white pasta, cake, and other processed foods.  Stick with the complex carbs (get rid of any Atkins way of thinking); these carbs won’t let you down.       



Here are some ideas for food substitutions in your diet that will help your transition to the healthier and stronger lifestyle.  (They just require some willingness and self interest.)


-Eat whole VS. processed foods.  Processing changes the cellular structure and chemical state of foods.  It also adds components that aren’t food, and not really for your benefit.  You don’t want the preservatives and flavor robbed foods.  Whole foods will also help detoxify your body and allow your organs to function properly, which can control cravings and your weight.  Also look to eat mostly alkaline fruits and veggies.  Green is good!


-Eat fresh and raw VS. canned foods.  Over cooked and canned foods are missing many of the real food components.  Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and more can be killed off in the process and these foods might have other added preservative chemicals.  Raw foods are much higher in vitamins and enzymes which makes assimilation and digestion much more efficient. 


-Eat local and or organic produce VS. conventional corporate foodTypically your Agra business corporate produce will be genetically engineered, picked earlier than the ripened healthy state, will contain chemicals and pesticides, will be radiated, stored and transported over longer periods of time, and will then be gas ripened.  Corporate food has a bottom line of cost of distribution and it is not grown with the main purpose of nutrients or your health in mind.  Eating the freshest foods possible is how you obtain the most for your dollar and how you avoid the garbage. 


-Choose good fats VS. bad fats.  Good fats such as mono and polyunsaturated fats found in tuna, salmon, some vegetable oils, and many nuts can be very healthy.  Olive oil is a good source of monounsaturated fat.  Pure unrefined coconut oil is a great oil with numerous benefits.


-Eat brown rice VS. white.  If you can make a habit of this as a staple you will become way ahead of the crowd.  It has so much more content and nutrients than white rice.  White rice was brown rice but it has been robbed of several of the healthiest grain components (the rice bran and germ) and bleached out.  Foods such as refined rice, white flour, and refined sugars will actually rob nutrients to become balanced and digestible, thus increasing your cravings for more foods to get more nutrients.  Stick to whole grains.  


-Drink healthier beverages VS. soft drinks.  You should drop sodas completely off your list.  Avoid corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup like the plague.  Love your pancreas, and a well regulated and balanced blood stream.  You will have less cravings for sugar and carbs, less uptake of sugar to your cells, and life will just be easier.  After going without soda you will have a much easier time avoiding sweets because they will seem overly sweet to you. 


-Learn the beauty of roasting vegetables VS. having fried junk and fast foods.  Most cooking oils are rancid when heated and contain GMOs.  (An exception is pure virgin coconut oil.)  Never eat French fries or potato chips but try roasting sliced potatoes or sweet potatoes with herbs, salt, and pepper.  They really come close and you will love what you are doing for yourself.  Fried junk food is physically addictive.  For those who have seen the documentary “Supersize Me” you may remember his energy and happiness levels needing the next fat laden fast food meal to feel right again. 


-Eat grilled fish VS. red meat, chicken, or pork.  Cholesterol and other heavy loads on the body come from our country’s obsession with mass consumption of meat.  What we eat in an average meal is the meat that a family of four would have in China for the week.  Yes, we can afford it, but apparently down the road we really can’t.  There are plenty of good non-meat sources of protein, and rarely do people have to be concerned about a  protein deficiency.  If you do continue to eat meats, buy clean organic meats.  Those antibiotics and hormones/ steroids that help grow a 2000 pound animal in a year aren’t good for you or your family.  There is a lot to the old cliche “you are what you eat.”  


-Eat a lot of leafy greens and get a variety.  We all know a salad is healthy.  Many salads just offer you iceberg lettuce.  There are far more healthy greens that your body needs and they offer you an assortment of flavors.  Go experiment, buy the mixed greens, make a kale salad, make a spinach salad.  You seriously can get really creative with salads when you put your mind to it.  ***You will probably need to ditch your commercial salad dressing to avoid the bad additives (but making your own fresh dressing can be easy).  Also it is a good idea to boost your nutrition with green drink powders that contain the superfood, nutrient dense chlorella, sprirulina, wheat grass, and barley grasses.  (They can help your body decide it is getting enough food.)


-Eat at home VS. at restaurants.  Food at restaurants is typically higher in saturated and total fats, and contains less iron, fiber, calcium, etc. than the meals we would make ourselves (And the portions are generally bigger).  What may start out as a trip for a salad can easily become jeopardized by the other menu items, or by loaded up unhealthy salad dressings.  This task is especially important during the beginning of a new transition were your resolve might not be as strong.  Just remember it is near impossible to eat healthy when more than 50% of your meals are from eating out.    


-Begin to make your eating at home a sacred event.  Take the time to chew your food with appreciation for what it is doing for you.  This can be very calming and meditative, but it also helps with digestion and gas.  Create a clean atmosphere without television.  Silence, music, conversations, or thinking and appreciating your day is very beneficial to your stress and health levels. 


-Substitute spelt, or non gluten flours for wheat in your baking or in your pasta.  If buying bread at the store check for Ezekiel bread or manna bread (sprouted grains!).  There are also more companies making tortillas and pasta in whole wheat and in gluten free versions.  Avoid white pasta, it is another simple (bad) carb food like white flour.  And the healthier whole grain versions are not sacrificing flavor!


-Avoid hydrogenated oils and trans fats, MSG, artificial colors, and artificial sweeteners completely.  (View the DVD Sweet Remedy  if you would like to educate yourself on this.) 


-Avoid microwave foods.  They essentially drop a nuclear bomb in your food killing off mass amounts of natural compounds and they radically change the structure of the food.  Why cook with a method that depletes your nutrients and food value?


-Eat fruits by themselves.  Your digestive system and metabolism likes to work with specifics.  Fruits are fast to digest except when hanging out in your stomach with grains or meats/dairy and vegetables.  The fruits are then left too long in the stomach environment and begin to ferment.  This can cause bloating, gas, and other digestive discomforts.


-Avoid refined sugars, (especially corn syrup) and preservatives as much as possible.  The refined sugars quickly load up the blood stream with a rush of sugar and rapidly increase insulin production.  More insulin in the blood triggers the cells to feed on the sugars at a super quick pace (leading to fat storage).  Too much insulin production will also lead to a worn out pancreas and then comes the all too popular epidemic of diabetes that 18 million of us have in this country (This number does not even include the large numbers that don’t yet even know they have it).  And don’t listen to the recent media campaigns, avoid all high fructose corn syrup! (the crack cocaine of unnatural sugars.)    


-Use vegetable oils and alcohol in moderation if at all.  Avoid mayonnaise, margarine, and white bread completely.  The last three are truly junk foods.  White bread is from bleached and ultra refined flour and actually has to rob your body of nutrients just to be digested.  Total junk carbs and body overloads.  Margarine is much worse on your body than butter because it is hydrogenated; a chemically altered, unnatural state (think bad cholesterol, and fat storing).         


-Substitute Rooibos Tea (African red bush) or Teeccino for Iced, hot tea, or coffee.  It doesn’t contain the acids or caffeine, has excellent flavor, and is loaded with antioxidants.  If you are a coffee fanatic switch to Teeccino which tastes the closest, or try Yerba Matte or green teas which will give you a healthier form of caffeine without the acids, harmful chemicals, and other detriments.


-Eat Dairy in moderation if at all.  Most people that are lactose intolerant haven’t even figured it out yet.  If you are trying to overcome health problems or disease, stopping all together is a great start.  Raw milk and cheeses if available in your area (and legal in your state) are much preferred.  The rest can be considered junk food.  Even most yogurt is loaded with sugar or aspartame and very few contain the proper probiotics.  Check your labels and shop organic when buying dairy.   For a good dairy substitute for fat cravings eat dishes with avocados. 


-Buy a juicer to take it to the next level.  You can ingest a whole lot of fruits and veggies in juice form.  This allows you to really pack in the power of foods and in times of healing is a God send.  At times of stress or sickness your body may tell you it’s not hungry for meals.  You should listen and switch to healthy fresh juices.  (Bottled juices are nothing near what we’re talking about here.)  


-Take a food supplement for an extra boost.  We can improve our health incredibly with food but even eating well will not always give your body the tools to build and maintain.  Some of the most potent building foods or “superfoods” which contain the ever so important antioxidants aren’t available fresh at the store.  If you want more information on a great food based supplement visit here.



In summary you will find that researching health can be very time consuming.  Don’t lose patience; keep remembering why you are doing this.  You will notice after ongoing research that more and more writers, doctors, and journalists are beginning to come to a common ground on nutrition.   One that is more progressive yet very basic.  We are getting to the heart of the health and weight epidemic in our country; it just will take time for the truth to punch through the hype.  It isn’t about the next fad diet or even that marketable of a message.  It is whole foods, and is about using our food rather than our food supply using us.  Who is looking out for you, and are you tired of being a target market?    


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