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Archive for August, 2007

Master Cleanser in the Mainstream Media…


Beyonce Knowles Cleanse



As the reviews of the Master Cleanser have been popularized in recent years by celebrities and the media, it is important to note the original use and reasoning behind doing a juice fast like the Master Cleanser. Because the media often will feel the need to put a two way debate into their articles on the MC, I wanted to take the time to clear things up by addressing these points.



First- The Master Cleanser also known as “The Lemonade Diet,” is not to be considered another “fad weight loss diet”, or really even a diet at all.  It can be a great jump start to dieting, but weight loss should not be the main intention.


Some articles claim that you cannot sustain yourself for a long time on a diet such as this just because it is “impractical”. The articles mentioning this statement never say what a “long time” is.  Can a person live a lifestyle of drinking nothing but the lemonade mix for their permanent food source?  Of course not and it is absurd that this is even being discussed. They obviously have not read the book if they don’t realize it is very temporary and that yes, fasting relies on using your strategic nutritional reserves.  This is not in the Adkins or South Beach category as a “diet” and thus should not be compared to them. It is not a new lifestyle of what a person will eat from now on; it is a 10-40 day fast with a finish date. At which point a person IS to go back on solid food.  Where they are going wrong is by analyzing this as a diet.  If they look upon the Master Cleanser as a fast instead of a diet their arguments will not hold up.  The writers that critique should be researching fasting, not if lemons make a person lose weight and if they are a healthy food staple capable of sustaining life for a lengthy amount of time. 



And speaking of lemons, the skeptics sometimes mention that lemons would be acidic to the body.  Lemons do contain citric acid but in the body they become very alkaline.  This is easy to disprove with a quick google search for “acid vs. alkaline foods” to help the bodies pH and you will almost always find lemons listed in the charts as one of the most powerful alkaline forming foods.



Second- The Master Cleanser is a valuable tool for weight loss, but this should not be its main purpose. If used as a crash diet and the person just thinks that losing weight is there only problem, they haven’t thought things through. If a person is obese and not mindful, then they will put the weight right back on if they transition back to the “old ways”. In this way the Master Cleanser does become a “yo-yo diet” Weight comes off, then comes back, do again, and repeat.  Now seasonal or semiannual cleanses are incredible tools for regaining health. Choosing to go back to a junk food diet afterwards can diminish the returns of having a healthy lifestyle of regular cleansing.  Realizing your body’s real health potential by cleaning, repairing, building, and maintaining, and thus having a preventative lifestyle is what fasting is all about. And it is about avoiding disease, something which is not in line with eating to excess or taking in man made chemicals and toxins.



Third, The Master Cleanser is often times used in Hollywood and in modeling when a person’s job depends on being a certain weight for a certain time. It is also a favorite because it can rid the last few pounds that many times will elude even regular exercisers. The reporters come in at this point and will sometimes make mention that those people are “starving themselves” and that this kind of behavior could lead to eating disorders. Fasting is not starvation, as starvation/malnourishment occurs when a person’s body is truly undergoing a deficiency. Going on a temporary fast for a healthy person is not undergoing malnourishment. The human body has the reserves to go many weeks even on just plain water fasting alone. While water fasting is much more difficult and should be done with doctor visits, it has been proven for centuries to be a very valuable health restoring tool. The Master Cleanser mix has calories, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc and so is on a much more practical level for those new to fasting. And the idea that we will not be able to sustain well for lack of protein is completely unfounded. In this country we have no shortage of protein in our diets and our body is equipped to handle a fast with its reserves and protein sparing. And with a fasting program as this, the question isn’t so much the importance as to what is in it, but rather what is “not in it”. Fasting and cleansing is about purity and it is the body that will do the healing when a pure environment is given. A common quote relates fasting as “Gods operating table”.



And finally some of the other “skeptics” argue that the body has systems to cleanse already, like the liver and kidneys, and that fasting or cleansing is unnecessary. With this mindset that would explain why we are one of the most unhealthy, obese, and diseased populations in the world. It is apparent we have more toxins in our environment than ever and our medical association hardly addresses or promotes doing anything to rid these toxins from our bodies. Could it be that the establishment is afraid of losing the money generating effects of these environmental toxins? When it comes to health we need to start questioning forward thinking experts and not the same dietitians and nutritionists that design our children’s ridiculous school lunch programs and the menus in hospitals.



The media has a responsibility with their far reaching power, as they can affect the lives of thousands of people with change for the good or bad. They have a responsibility to get the facts, but often times want to error on the safe side, and of course the “main stream” side of the fence. Fasting in this country is not “mainstream” even though it was recommended in the Bible.  In other parts of the world fasting is commonly used in clinics to treat illness without drugs and surgeries. Overeating, over processing foods, over marketing the unhealthy, and over prescribing medications is what is “mainstream” and that is what makes “cents” today. . So scientifically speaking in “AMERICA”, the AMA and FDA, and other bought out institutions do not currently have a budget for testing the “alternative healing techniques” that are common place in naturopathic doctors offices, and in many books written by MDs. Just because we are not paying our countries science institutions to publish that fasting works does not mean it has been disproved. It is nice that most of the articles here do present the two sides. I would however recommend taking the vague and incomplete opposing sides “with a grain of sea salt”.



Articles on Beyonce Knowles, Robin Quivers, Denzel Washington, David Blaine and other celebrities doing the Master Cleanser.



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Ultimate Fast

Prescription for Natural Healing by James Balch M.D. and Phyllis Balch CNC says “Fasting is an effective and safe method of detoxifying the body…A technique that wise men have used for centuries to heal the sick. Fast regularly and help the body heal itself and stay well. Give all of your organs a rest. Fasting can help reverse the aging process, and if we use it correctly we will live longer, happier lives.  

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