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Humble Bee Health

Archive for June, 2007

Lemonade Cleanser

Here are a few of the Master Cleanser testimonials / results we have received.  Now of course results will vary from person to person.  What might work quickly for one may not fully do the trick for another, but a foundational basis in positive changes is what we all hope to achieve in our pathway towards optimal health.  We’d love to hear your testimonial as well so feel free to post below!

tips to lose weight - report

I had a blood transfusion February 14th of this year and was diagnosed with severe anemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and was being scheduled for a hysterectomy. I started the master cleanse diet on April 22, and by the 7th day of my cleanse all the irregular bleeding, heart palpitations, diabetic symptoms were completely GONE! I now feel great, and have lost a great deal of weight in the process. This truly is THE Master’s Cleanse.  Great results, God Bless and continued success.

Mona L. F. Santa Monica, Ca

Profile: I am 79 years old, 6′3″ On 7/10/2006 I weighed 242 lbs. My blood pressure was running from high one hundred and thirties Diastolic to low one hundred and forties. On 8/7/06 I started the Master Cleansing course with doubt in my heart that anything so simple could actually be effective. This morning, the end of my second week at 7:00 AM my blood pressure tested at 117/74 Pulse 53 Weight 226. For the past 15 years I have regarded 225 as my fantasy weight. I will continue the Master Cleansing through next Sunday. I had not seen my blood pressure lower than mid one hundred thirties since I was sixty years old. Currently I am looking forward to beginning to use the whole foods with real anticipation.


Jim M. Pueblo, CO

This is in answer to your earlier request for information you might like to use in Master Cleanser testimonials. I hope it can be of use to you and the9-29-jimmcorckle.JPG attached photo will fit right into my short story. As you know I was over weight when I started the Master Cleanser diet and went directly into the whole foods afterwards. On September the thirteenth I was at the Lakota Sioux and other tribes sacred site (Bear Butte in South Dakota) for a personal pilgrimage. In that two miles you climb a very steep 2000′ grade, must be running 12% – 14%. I made the climb and return in four hours. I think that must rate quite high for a 79 year old man. No way on earth could I have done that before loosing that first twenty five pounds cleansing and progressing to a healthier way of eating to provide the needed energy. Surprisingly I wasn’t even sore the next day. With the energy I am now enjoying, I started a new exercise program today. It’s an actually simple walking exercise called the 10,000 step program. Usually starting with shorter walks and working up. Right after breakfast this morning I rode my recumbent tricycle for six miles. (The picture)…and I will be taking the lady friend for a couple of hours of dancing shortly, but that won’t be figured into the steps either. I just wanted to let you know that an hour’s dancing with that lady would have had me pooped six weeks ago.  Many thanks for the Master Cleanser results and to the Wholefood Farmacy and their team for the great food, information, and help that is making all this possible for this old man.


Jim M – Pueblo, CO

I was extremely satisfied with the results of the Master Cleanser. While I was on the ten day fast, I had lots of energy and didn’t feel hungry. The best part was watching the pounds and inches melt away. Clothes that had been tight are now roomy or too big. I felt and looked refreshed after the ten days, and I am looking forwards to doing it again.

MZ. HYPNOTIC, -New York www.mzhypnotic.com

To the good folks at Humble Bee Health, A few weeks ago a friend gave me the Master Cleanser diet book to read and I found it very interesting since I have had excessive sinus drainage at night to the point that I would awake several times during the night to blow my nose or expectorate. After reading the book I decided to try the lemonade diet and salt cleanse. I stayed on the lemonade diet for five days and did the salt cleanse on three of the mornings. The second day doing the salt cleanse my nose began to run and I brought up allot of phlegm from my lungs, since completing the master cleanse I seldom have to blow my nose at night or expectorate.

Vincent, Washington State

To Humble Bee Health,

I was introduced to this detox program through a friend. As results of trying the Master Cleanser diet, I lost 27 lbs. in 10 days (results which are more than the average). I also felt more energetic which resulted in more incentive to exercise. My diabetic and high blood pressure condition normalized without the use of any medication. I shared this news about the program with my family and friends who also showed an interest in this detox diet.


Elias N- Coatsville, PA

I am a Health and PE Teacher in Va.  I teach my students all the time about being fit and so one day I decided to practice what I was preaching.  I tried the Master Cleanser and it worked wonders.  The ten day fast helped me lose 28 lbs in ten days.  I am not a meat eater so it was easier and the weight came off fast.  I feel great and look even greater.  Others have noticed the weight loss and the comments feel really good.  Now six others have started the fast in my school and they ask me for advice.  28 lbs lost and lovin it!

William M-  Virginia

I did the Lemonade cleanse for the first time almost 4 years ago. I was astonished that it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined it would be. This was especially suprising the last few days, it almost seemed to get easier. There have been so many miraculous things that have happened to me as a result of this cleanse. One of these things was that my sinus problems have gone completely away. I suffered chronic sinus attacks that would put me out of commission since I was a teenager. Until I had done this fast I had grown accustomed to these attacks and would expect them usually around the change of the seasons. I had prescriptions and other medications that would help me get through these attacks, but nothing could prevent them. They were like clock work.

I noticed that mid way thorough completing the lemonade fast my senses were abnormally keen to different smells. As my sinuses were being cleansed out and detoxified through this cleansing fast I could actually notice the effects as they were happening. It cleared my sinuses so well that it got annoying being able to smell things that I didn’t usually smell, and things that I particularly didn’t want to smell. I got to the point that I could smell people’s breath across a room. And no matter how much a person brushed their teeth I could smell their breath. I know this sounds gross but it was an amazing thing to feel your whole body be detoxified and cleansed. My sinuses where just one example of the remarkable affects that the fast had on me. I would rather not give details of the others but I will just say that you know this diet is getting rid of some unnecessary garbage when you haven’t had a solid piece of food for 10 days and you are still having regular bowel movements. I have continued do to this fast almost yearly since I first tried it. It doesn’t get easier in fact I think it gets harder the more you do it. But that’s the price you pay for the amazing effects. I have never so much as had a cough or any type of sickness since I started this fast. I hope to keep it up for many years to come.

Jon C- LA, Ca

My being an adherent of professor Arnold Ehret for over 30 years now, nearly everything about the Master Cleanser “clicked” upon first read. Soon after receiving my first copy of Stanley Burroughs’ classic little book (over one hundred twenty more of them have been purchased by us since then) my first cleanse was executed for 21 days. At the conclusion of the cleanse my body was so clean & energized that 70 miles were walked during the last 3 days, walking 30 miles on day 21 alone. Walking, if we are able to, not only indicates how efficiently our body performs but also works to get our blood circulation & lymphatic circulatory system working at increased rates, thusly producing enhanced cleansing actions.

Soon afterwards, a 10 day Master Cleanser was performed with a 17 day cleanse coming weeks later, taking me right up to my twin operations (for inguinal & umbilical hernias). On day 15 of that cleanse 40 miles were walked! After my surgeries a diet rich in organic raw foods, complete vegetable protein & lots of greens was employed. The bandages were removed from over the incisions in 5 days, both being fully closed & healthy looking. After 3 weeks, with the exception of some minor, intermittent fluid swelling in the inguinal canal area, my surgeries were all but recovered from.

Another Master Cleanser was initiated 24 days following the operations & was simultaneously undertaken by my wife Alexandra, her 2nd Master Cleanser. She cleansed for 24 days while mine went for 23. On the last day of her cleanse Alex rather effortlessly walked 30 miles with me, over twice the miles she had ever walked before in one day. My mileage came in at a full 54 miles, which had been easier than the 40 miles had been during the previous cleanse. There had remained plenty of energy within me to walk even more that day, though one of my knees had begun to protest increasingly towards the end. Hence, the walking test was concluded before injury could occur.

We are both enthused about cleansing together through the entire month of July as a further testimony that health, vitality & cleanliness stem from vastly different things than the majority of “civilization” presume them to be from. Our bodies, being filled with tubes & passageways, when clean & working optimally & efficiently, respond quickly & favorably towards vibrant well-being & life.

There are truly so many positive things to say about these cleansings of mine over the course of the last 6 months, having cleansed a total of 71 days during this period so far. After each of us have cleansed our first 100 days in total then a regimen of three to four 10-day Master Cleansers every year are planned as part of an effective maintenance towards our health & well-being.

In closing, have received more physical, mental & spiritual benefits from performing the Master Cleanser than from all conventional medicines combined during these last 12 years since nearly dying from a massive brain infection that had left me brain injured & clinically depressed. Am a calmer, stronger, healthier & happier man as a result of having a little faith in committing to the minimum of the 10 days as set forth in the Master Cleanser & then following through. My wife & I are sincerely thankful in our hearts for Stanley Burroughs & his many years of dedication, determination & refinements resulting in the sharing, in a most unselfish way, his timeless little book- “The Master Cleanser”.

With deep, continuing appreciation & respect,

D. Walker – Chadron, Nebraska

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